Doppelganger Press is the bindery and imprint of Laura J. Thomson, bookbinder and printer of limited editions and one-of-a kind books. The goal of Doppelganger Press is to offer hand bookbinding, publishing of fine letterpress limited edition books and book restoration.

“My interests in traditional and experimental bookbinding have led me to explore publishing of fine letterpress limited editions of prose and poetry in science fiction, fantasy, romance and erotic literature. My work is text driven, encompassing the elements of content, design, illustration and structure to bring all five senses together in the act of reading so it becomes a holistic experience at once physical and intellectual. I love books as a three-dimensional art form for their variety of content, materials and sculptural qualities. The structure of a book inspires creativity in design, and I focus on the book as a whole from choices of content, paper, typographical design, and finally hand bookbinding.

I often explore communities of writers on the Internet who publish their work electronically for the enjoyment of their members. The discovery of literature published exclusively in an online environment, where the community encourages, critiques, discusses, and promotes the work is of interest to me as a new form of reading. Often the work I am interested in contains modern themes and characters outside the mainstream of traditional publishing. My work takes the content of the book in this new form and returns it to the traditional production methods and materials of the handmade book. I use a combination of modern printing techniques, traditional letterpress printing and bookbinding design to produce volumes that will enhance the pleasure of the act of reading.”

In addition to limited edition books, Doppelganger Press also produces letterpress printed broadsides and ephemera, handmade blank books, photograph albums and boxes.

Dop•pel•gänger or dop•pel•ganger: A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshy counterpart; alter ego; double.

To readers of science fiction, the idea of a single atom existing simultaneously in two states or places is reminiscent of the supernatural "doppelganger" — a flesh-and-blood duplicate of one's self encountered, while walking along a street. "Physicists Put Atom in Two Places at Once", New York Times, May 28, 1996


A Strange Place in Time
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