Book Restoration, Repair and Rebinding:

The binder specializes in restoration and repair of cloth and leather bindings from the 18th to the 20th Century. All work is done using the finest archival materials, cloth, leathers and papers. The original structure and materials of the binding are used with all work done that is sympathetic to the original binding. Volumes can be rebound in new covering materials if the original materials are not viable for repair.

Many binding structures in need of repair do not require re-sewing. The prices for restoration and rebinding are for a range of small to large books, which do not require re-sewing of the text block.

Estimates for restoration and rebinding can be given if a photograph and description of the volume is provided. A final quote would be given upon receipt of the volume for inspection and a treatment proposal would be provided prior to approval. Photographs sent for estimates must show the front and back cover, interior joints, and spine of the volume. A description of the volume including cover materials, whether cloth, leather or paper as well as the title, publisher and date of the volume will also be needed. Photographic documentation prior to, during and after treatment is done with a final report of the treatment provided for future reference.


Book cloth restoration and repair $150-300

Leather restoration and repair $225-500

Rebinding in book cloth and paper $75-150

Rebinding in leather $350-800

Re-sewing if required $150-500